Singapore and Rotterdam to Establish ‘World’s Longest’ Green Shipping Corridor

The port authorities at the ports of Singapore and Rotterdam, two of the largest bunkering ports in the world, have partnered up to launch what...


Shipping Procedures Into Ukraine Still Not Ready, Lloyd’s Official Says

By Jonathan Saul

LONDON, Aug 1 (Reuters) – Key arrangements including procedures for ships still need to be worked out before empty vessels can come in and pick...


Low Water on Europe’s Vital Rhine River Could Effectively Close It

By Jack Wittels and Kwaku Gyasi (Bloomberg) —

Water levels on the Rhine River are set to fall perilously close to the point at which it would...


Logistics Players Must Be Ready with Global Supply Chain Change

Logistics business players in Indonesia need to be prepared to support changes in global supply chains while still paying attention to the domestic economy’s...